Tom Cosm's Homepage

This webpage is being worked on! check back soon!!!!

Hello! I'm glad you've visited my personal home on the internet.

For those friends I haven't met yet, my name is Tom and my passion is going on strange sound adventures!


My goal in life is to explore, learn and pass on knowledge found in the dark corners of the weird and wonderful audio world.

Over the last 15 years this website has been a promotional platform, music archive, community forum, subscription based education training... you  name it. But now I'm having a bit of a break.

I'm tired of cookies. I'm tired of databases. I'm tired of secure transactions. I just want to have a bit of fun.

Now that all my content is free and the interactive stuff is covered by soundcloud / facebook / discord / youtube, I'm making this space my personal playground.

So go ahead and add this to your bookmarks! I hope you see you around sometime.

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Can I do something for you? bookings@cosm.co.nz

or add me on ICQ : 642725


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