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    DJPuff created a new forum post in Software Discussion

    IAC Drivers Looper Project + threshold record?

    Hi there

    I've been playing around with Tom's IAC Drivers - Looper Project for Live which records a separate audio clip for each loop created in the Looper. It's awesome!

    I'd like to find a way to tweak this or rather combine it with another goal. I'm trying to use threshold recording in Live, but can't find a way. The goal is to trigger recording only when the signal is over a certain threshold. I used to achieve this in a little app called SooperLooper. The only possibility in Live seems to be by using a M4L device. I found one that will do this but only in arrangement recording.

    I need to be able to record clips over a certain threshold in session view - i.e. record one sound over threshold to a track, record next sound to next track etc.
    It doesn't have to be using the Looper, but that would be a bonus.

    Any links or ideas?


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