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    Some basic subscription questions

    Hi geiroffenberg,

    I replied to your email within minutes of receiving it and am awaiting your reply.

    I'll post what I said here as well so anyone else following this thread can see.


    Sorry about the misunderstanding. It's stated on our website, and double checked with you via Paypal before you confirm, however this does occasionally get missed.

    We have no intention of trying to deceive people, the majority of the members choose this option willingly, however it's obviously not what you wanted so I'm happy to figure this out for you.

    I also would have cancelled this for you or told you how to do so if you had gotten in touch. We're unable to cancel subscriptions from our site, this is a Paypal security thing - you have to log in and do it with them (and they don't make it easy either!)

    Let me know your Paypal email and username and I'll organize a refund.

    I hope this clears things up for people.

    I'll also post this here, this is the screen everyone see's when they go to the next payment step, I also believe there is one more confirmation that you understand this is a subscription before you click the final submit button.

    It's not something that happens often, but it does happen sometimes, and we always act fast to resolve the issue and make sure everyone is happy - just please get in touch via the mediums we offer before posting in a public forum.

    If you think we are not making it obvious enough, we're open to suggestions.

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