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TOPIC: COSMIC CORE Merchandise!!!!

COSMIC CORE Merchandise!!!! 4 years 7 months ago #17940

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Calling all graphic artists, designers and entrepreneurs !

..Let's take Cosmic Core to another level!

We at Cosmic Core, are an independent net-label of producers releasing albums across a range of genres. If you could help donate your skills to make us some merchandise, please read on!

About Us

We are not officially part of Tom Cosm's personal projects, but we have built our label upon his Ableton Live Forum. Our Artists are either members of that forum (including Tom himself) or external artists who are in collaboration with forum members featuring
on Cosmic Core. (as such we are huge Ableton Live fanboys/girls too!)

Tom has kindly supported our releases in the past by giving us publicity where he can, such as on a 2 hour live radio show dedicated to our debĂșt album, a mention in one of his tutorial PDF files; which has been downloaded tons of times and by featuring a track of his on every Album so far. We also benefit from his encouragement and tutorials. So cheers Tom for making this project possible!

I initiated this project from a simple thread in April 2012, but I feel it could have been anyone that sparked this. It was as if there was an explosion ready to go off. So far everything and everyone required to make this happen has fallen effortlessly into place. I know that will continue for everything we do, for everything we need.

I can see opportunities for all artists in future to use CC as a spring board to greater things or to just add weight to their existing discography. Hopefully it will help more people get noticed and obtain more fans to listen to their tunes and buy their other albums, merchandise or gig tickets. It should lead, I hope, to some commercial success for our artists as remixers and producers.

After a few years it should even be possible to have albums dedicated to each CC artist , containing all their previously released CC tracks plus some bonus tracks from them. So many possibilities to help so many producers and spread great works created in the common language of music, worldwide and out into the Cosmos.

So we are a pretty powerful group, but financially were not backed by anyone apart from paying for some things ourselves and the occasional donation. We make at least 2 albums a year and have so far given all our albums away for free on a pay what you want basis. People get music, we get exposure and hopefully that will pay off for each artist eventually on an independent level.

So without going for pro backing or crowd-funding, we are now looking for ways to get a bit more cash to ensure we can support ourselves with online Soundcloud accounts and getting some cash back to artists to help buy them gear or software for example.

The Merchandise Idea

My rough idea for merchandise is that anyone would have access to our logo files ,artist photos, font info etc. on request.

They then would take an idea and design a product which we could sell on our site via paypal.

This would be a donation of art/skills/time, so the people behind the concept, design and creation would be credited for their work to help promote their design skills worldwide, but all rights to that material and any profit from that material will belong exclusively to Cosmic Core.

What we need are fun, creative, vibrant, exuberant, quirky, useful, beautiful ideas for products that we can create at low cost and in small orders that will appeal to our fanbase (those FB fans and others who have downloaded and enjoyed our album) , to help us spread the word about our music and 'keep the ball rolling'.

So, if you have a talent for Merch design and are up for this , or if anyone else has any ideas or suggestions, artist contacts etc., please add them here below, or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To start things off, there are two companies I know of in UK doing decent affordable merch: and Some great products and deals on those sites. especially at Awesomemerchandise who do t-shirt/ badge / sticker combos etc.

Bear in mind for any T-shirt designs, single or dual colour designs will be cheaper to produce and therefore 'More for the Core'

Any other ideas guys?

//Damon Breakz\\ B)
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COSMIC CORE Merchandise!!!! 4 years 7 months ago #17973

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I've had one reply already. Please ask all your graphics and designer expert mates if they'd like to get involved.

I've set up an extra page on our site ready and waiting for some CC Products

//Damon Breakz\\
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