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TOPIC: REALLY getting your library organized.

REALLY getting your library organized. 1 year 3 months ago #25393

  • drbtz
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Anyone care to share some tips for uber organization on the library front?
I am looking for ways to utilize abletons features to avoid digging for samples.

My project this weekend was to figure out an end all solution to organizing my library, samples, presets and video clips. I have a ton of VST pluggins, free packs from offline, and TONS of random samples I have scraped from the net using tricks like This.

I have done a decent job of organizing them from a high level, but now I want to go further and make devices, racks and templates that are easy to write with.

I started by throwing all my favorite devices into a folder. Then opening each in Ableton and saving as a preset to my user library (clicking the disk icon).
This seems like the best bet for all native Ableton devices and Max 4 Live.

For Drums, I made a bunch of 128 racks like IllGates discuss in this video (this is my favorite hack for sound design on drum kits, no mouse or screen needed)
This also worked for bass racks and glitch noises.

Lastly, I have started organizing my DJ songs into packs like this video shows

All this stuff is tedious, but it does make things easier down the line.

To get to some actual questions:
1) are there any recommend meta/micro methodologies for how to organize within ableton? (I get that "it varies for everyone", but fuck that, I want standardization. ;)
2) any recommended hacks like the above ones for minimizing "crate digging"?
3) naming conventions and folder structure specifics?
4) practical limits on how big an .als can be, and still be drug in and stable during a performance.

Videos or concise guides you can point me to would be stellar, (paid or free). If I am going to do this, I want it done right, so I can setup a proper backup and get to writing hits.

Any feedback is very welcome. My OCD took hold this week and the library project looming must be vanquished before day break of the 3rd day...I hope.
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REALLY getting your library organized. 1 year 3 months ago #25394

  • drbtz
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ALSO - My main question in writing this was...PRESETS.

Ableton doesn't (intuitively) have a good method for switching VST/Instrument/EFX presets. I have so far hacked around this by making clip envelopes and setting each changed parameter to be set on clip launch. This is SOOOO tedious. I have also tried doing the 128 rack style with Massive/Kontakt presets, but Ableton doesn't like that. Cpu and Disk usage goes off the chart.
So for instance, I recorded a sweet midi part on a synth I like, but later I want to adjust the synth presets (but still have reference to the old one). My current way to do this is just duplicate the track, but again, would love to just push a button and have this happen (like on every musical keyboard that has ever existed...ever). Please tell me I am missing something silly.
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REALLY getting your library organized. 1 year 3 months ago #25396

  • lucky one
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Hi drbtz,

I have two tips:
- I have installed the Resonic free player (, it allow me to do a super fast and super intuitive browsing of my sample directories. It's like opening a wide transparent window on all my mess, I love. Since then I have bought the pro version that allow to do additionna useful things
- When I work with vst instruments and effects, I usually group (ctrl-G) them and drag and drop the group in my library. It's an easy way to store my favorite sound (instruments + effects). I also take the time to map the important parameters on the group macros.

Hope this help,

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