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TOPIC: ADVICE New PC + Soundcard

ADVICE New PC + Soundcard 2 years 4 months ago #24969

  • Babashake
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I need to upgrade again, I have done alot of research but would love a bit of advice.

I'm currently using Ableton 9 + Macbook Pro + M-Audio Soundcard (2 channel) with various USB Midi controllers.

I'v been using this set up for the past 2 years, its been great and very reliable up until the last couple of months. After about 20mins of using Ableton my soundcard starts to glitch, doing horrendous things to my monitors. I change abletons audio preferences back to the built in soundcard, then back again and all is good. On top of this my Macbook in general has become very slow and a bit unreliable with crashes etc. Live shows have become a regular over the last year so I really need something reliable and asap.
I have to admit I'm using a cracked version of Ableton :whistle: but want to buy it legit with the pc upgrades. I'd like to buy a new Macbook but as I want to also purchase a new soundcard and Ableton Live, going with a Macbook is pushing way above the budget line so I'm going to have to convert back to a PC.
From my research I feel my best option is to go with a gaming Laptop. I'd love to buy a desktop but as I need it for live shows this wont be possible. I'm leaning towards an MSi or ASUS Rog with a max budget of about $1500AU.
My main concern with going pack to PC are the noise issues, I do alot of audio recording and my last PC (Dell Studio) became so loud it was ridiculous.

I'd really like to save money on the PC if possible but don't know where I can cut corners or what brands are reliable. I want to spend alot on a good desktop in 6 months, so I really just need a laptop that will be reliable for live performance, the less I spend on a laptop, the quicker I get a desktop.

What I need:

Soundcard- my preference is focusrite (4 channels or more)
Laptop - Something under $1500AU, something reliable, my cpu usage isn't massive. Quiet as possible/ good cooling system (I live in a desert)
Ableton Live

Any guidance would be massively appreciated.

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ADVICE New PC + Soundcard 2 years 4 months ago #24976

  • Tom Cosm
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Hey Babashake, welcome to the forums.

What kind of glitching are you experiencing? It sounds strange that it would do that. Is it stuttering the sound (adding small gaps of silence) or just cutting it out (everything remains in time). You can usually tell a lot about what's going on based on the type of glitching.

I hate to say it but I'd stick with mac if you are playing live shows. It's just statistical that PCs tend to crash with live more than macs based on my experience.. and a crash is simply out of the question. Personally, I still use the inbuilt soundcard in my mac for live shows! People don't believe me when I say that, but I do, and no one ever notices. It's actually a really quality soundcard.

Re: desktop PC.. building one yourself is always the cheapest option. I built one recently (for 3d rendering and some gaming) and it took me a few weeks to understand how everything worked together etc.. but for around 1300 I built an absolute beast that takes anything I can throw at it. It's not the *best* but it's pretty damn good.

You can get cases and cooling systems for your CPU that are very quiet.. I have a pretty entry level water cooler and I can hardly hear it.

If you want some advice on PC parts, let me know.. I did a bit of research and at least figured out some brands I definitely did not want to buy.

Good luck!
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