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TOPIC: Producing with LaunchPad S, or LaunchPad Pro

Producing with LaunchPad S, or LaunchPad Pro 2 years 3 months ago #25099

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Producing in Ableton Live with LaunchPad S or LaunchPad Pro
The alternative and more direct description is probably 'not using a mouse *at all* and only using LaunchPad S or Pro'

Brief preface:
The LaunchPad95 scripts seriously improve the capabilities of the LaunchPad S.
In fact, I would go as far as saying the LaunchPad95 script on a LaunchPad S or MKII put the LaunchPad Pro to shame.
I was a little disappointed at how little the Pro has to offer (with the stock script)

For various reasons, I don't want to use a mouse, or reduce it's usage considerably.
I don't have the budget for a Push2.

I've setup default midi, and default audio tracks. So a selection of various devices, chains, instrument racks are present as soon as I add them using keyboard shortcuts.
I've been using AutoMap to assign buttons as momentary, or toggle, and you can assign querty commands to a button on the Launchpad using Automap.
I'm slowly mapping each of the keyboard shortcuts to the Launchpad S using Automap. In the hope that I can ditch the mouse.
Do you have any other ways I could achieve this?

here are a few issues:
1. How to focus on a device so it can be switched on and off. I can navigate using the left/right arrows, and the 'device' mode on the LaunchPad. But I still need to click on it to allow me to use '0' to switch the device on.
2. Is there any way to map a command to add a specific device or VST?
3. How to focus on devices in an instrument rack? You can focus on an instrument rack using the left/right arrow keys. But you can't 'jump' in to the chains.
If you click on a chain, you can use the up down arrow to navigate chains, but the '0' key (device on/off) does not switch on and off the device in the chain.

Is it possible to operate completely mouse free with Push2?

Thanks for your input.
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