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TOPIC: A=432hz Operator tip

A=432hz Operator tip 3 years 8 months ago #19743

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Some of you may be into the tuning to A=432hz thing. If you are not one of those people, Ignore this post.
At first glance, Abletons most powerful native synth doesnt seem to allow for this tuning, but it can be done. Live's Operator is massivley under-rated. Here's how I tune it to A=432hz.
It basicly involves transposing down an octave then using the Fine tune knob to tune back up to where you started, then you can use the fine to back it off to the required amount (whould be approximatley 32 cents, or 8 hz)

Here's my method. I callibrate with my guitar tuner, which is what I use to tune all my instruments.

1-Transpose down -24st
2-Fine up +968 (which then mathematicly should give you A=432, but it doesnt quite)
3- Use instrument tuner (I use my guitar tuner) to dial in the tuning so its bang on (today it was stable at Fine +964)

repeat this process for each oscilator that generates audio waveforms.

Enjoy the feel of your re-tuned operator! SAT-NAM!
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A=432hz Operator tip 3 years 8 months ago #19757

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What's the difference between A 432 and A 440hz, which I thought was the industry standard for your typical orchestral tuning? I tune my guitar to Eb, so there goes my standards!

Thanks for the tuning tip though. B)
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A=432hz Operator tip 3 years 2 months ago #22482

  • mudpeople
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Gonna have to try this out.

FYI theres a nice VST tuner included in Melda Productions' free bundle here:
(all the other fx are also great, Im partial to the ringmod personally)
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