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TOPIC: 3 unusual Apps/VSTs to check out!

3 unusual Apps/VSTs to check out! 3 years 6 months ago #22617

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In my quest for finding some unusual and very specific types of sound(s) I have finally got the "missing pieces" to my audio setup, so just wanted to share.

First up is "Chipsounds" by Plogue.

I was initially trying to figure out how some EDM artists managed to create those ubiquitous 8-bit video game sounds and sounds from old 1970s and 1980s electronics and games in their mixes. What I found out is that they probably are not creating those sounds from scratch or even sampling them. Once you fire up chipsounds VST and start going through the presets you will probably immediately recognize those video game sounds that artists like Deadmau5 and Savant use extensively, even some of Deadmau5's bass sounds. Yes, you can create those sounds from scratch or sample them, but this is a HUGE time saver if you don't want to go through all that. The software actually emulates a lot of electronic chips, hence the name, and the sound is both clean and amazing.

If you don't have the money for that, then (like my previous post stated) you can use CFXR or SFXR (free apps) to get a lot of the same kind of sounds, but they won't have the realism or fidelity of chipsounds, and they aren't VSTs but with some effects thrown on them, you can probably get by!

Second is Photosounder.

Photosounder is NOT a VST, but rather an application that uses images to create sound, or vica versa. You can also draw, mask, and change the visuals to tweak the sound, draw on the image, mask portions of the image, and work in layers as well, or use photoshop (or Gimp, if you need a free version of Photoshop) to mangle images and then import them into Photosounder to create new sounds. Once you are done (and you will be playing with this thing for hours!) you can export the audio to *.aiff and *.wav formats etc. I think it does ogg and flac as well. Since there is no Mac version of IL Harmor, this will get you a lot of the same functionality.

Very fun app! I was downloading images from and messing around with this for HOURS list night and getting some killer sounds that would take a lot of effort to try and synthesize any other way. You can generate everything from complex whooshes to some very hard edged sounds, tranformer FX sounds, etc. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of what it is capable of with some deliberate "drawing" and photoshopping.

The last item is UVI Workstation's Xtreme FX

Over the last few months I have spent a really HUGE amount of time and energy trying to find a "total" FX solution for everything from industrial noises to blowing wind or running water, to special effects and weird noises, and get it ALL in one package so I can just be done with looking for samples for a while. (Also, they are royalty free...) After many, many failures to find one collection that "has it all", I finally found one that has so many sounds and so nearly organized that I feel like my search is over.

The specs are as follows:
Size : 9.13 GB library
Collection : Special Effects and Ambiences
Content : 5,140 presets, 6,550 samples
Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz

The sound quality is top notch, but what's even more cool about this plugin is that the sounds are keyboard mapped, and there are adjustable parameters for each "patch" as well.

So, I hope this helps. I'm not trying to be a "salesman" here, but I've spent a TON of time tracking this stuff down that I wanted to save other people the time!

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