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TOPIC: Query re midi mapping for a live performance

Query re midi mapping for a live performance 2 years 8 months ago #23289

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Hello and thank you for even opening this post.

So - I will have trouble getting across what I want to ask, but I will try. I am in the process of preparing my original music for a live set, which will be controlled by Ableton Live 9 Standard. I have uploaded a screenshot of my session:

You'll see that I have arranged all the clips so that each song is it's own scene, and the tracks are used to group the clips into 'drum kit 1', 'synth 1' etc.

I have also used chains so that each track has multiple instruments within it that change depending on which clip is playing.

What I thought I could do (but can't figure out how to do) is to be able to assign pads on my midi controller (AKAI MPK Mini) trigger each clip in each song. So - it might be Pad 1 triggers drum kit 1, Pad 2 triggers synth 1, etc. But - from my attempts at midi mapping, it looks like I would have to have far more than just 8 pads to be able to do that.

I am hoping there is a way to map it so that while i'm in the first song (or scene), each pad triggers a clip from THAT SONG, and then i switch to the next song and each pad triggers a clip from that song, and so on and so forth.

So - hopefully this isn't too strange or complex a question for people to want to help out with. I would really, really, really appreciate the help.

Thanks so much in advance for anyone kind enough to read this far.

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Query re midi mapping for a live performance 2 years 8 months ago #23290

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Im just guessing here, but have you tried going into the live preferences and under midi/sync adding the mpk mini as a control input device. The MPK Mini should be listed.
I think these equate to scripts that are used to provide the functionality you require, Its possible that script doesn't do what you want, but the ones for the push and launchpad put a box on the screen around the clips they are controlling. This can be scrolled through your set to select later songs. Obviously the launchpad and push have a square thats 8x8, and yours will probably be 4x2.
I haven't got an mpk so this is all guessing but might be a place to start looking, till someone with a better answer turns up.
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