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TOPIC: From Studio to Live Performance (Question)

From Studio to Live Performance (Question) 1 year 9 months ago #25690

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Hey Tom and friends!

Many moons ago, I purchased a couple of Tom's Audio Prodution DVDs along with a 6 month pro membership. One of the DVDs contained the tutorial on moving your tunes from Studio to Live Performance. Remember that one?

Well... I am finally at the point of being ready to start using this information. One of the steps in this tutorial was to render your project down to a manageable number of individual tracks to then be cut up into 16 bar loops (or whatever) and used for live performance. Tom used 6 rendered tracks were used in the tutorial "Kick, Bass, Perc, Synth, Tech and Rest"

However when I do this process, the project records down into the 6 new empty tracks I have created however the send/return effects used on those tracks is discounted. The result is my project being rendered down into 6 new tracks ready for slicing then cutting and pasting into performance view but all dry (no effects etc)...

Tom mentioned in the video that due to having a weak computer he had to render some of his sounds to audio files including the effects I am guessing as in the video, his return tracks are empty.... Is there a way to use this technique and include send return FX or do I have to 1. render all 28 of my tracks individually to audio files complete with send/return effects and then 2. complete the process outlined in this tutorial?

Sorry, I know you guys are probably well passed this stage by now.. :)
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From Studio to Live Performance (Question) 1 year 9 months ago #25693

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Hey Mate, you can route the Audio of send/return tracks to other audio tracks as well... so if your send/return tracks are specific to just one track in your project, you can send the audio from the return to the relevant recording track.

The other alternative is instead of creating 6 blank tracks, make 6 group tracks (with all the right tracks in each group) and then solo the group tracks one by one and render. This will also render out any audio from the return tracks if there is any.

Hope this helps!
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