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TOPIC: Challenge 1 - Every Audio Effect

Challenge 1 - Every Audio Effect 3 years 1 day ago #23930

  • Tom Cosm
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Today we started the first weekly producer challenge, a short online event where a DAW related challenge is set to anyone who wants to participate.
The challenges are usually pretty strange and require you to think differently about the tools you usually use, in hope they spark new ideas for you to use in your normal production.

This weeks challenge is to use every single native audio effect in your DAW in a series, one after the other alphabetically, trying to turn a simple chord (or any sound you want delaying over and over) into something totally new.

As an example (in Ableton Live), I had a simple saw wave minor chord delaying over a 4/4 loop. First I loaded up an Amp to give it some distortion, then an AutoFilter which added some cutoff modulation... then an AutoPan, then a Beat Repeat - all the way to a Vocoder.

It was great fun, and I invite any of you to participate, whether you want to actively be involved or just do it quietly by yourself.

The new challenges are live streamed every Saturday at 1pm AEST, you can check out the recording of today's live stream here.

You can also download the project file I used in my video, in case you want to just jump in and start having fun.

We had about 25 watching (mostly lurking) but I hope to see these numbers rise as the word gets out.

We have a Facecrack group where I'll post updates and people are encouraged to showcase what they came up with.

If you don't do Facecrack you can watch the live streams directly on Twitch.

We used to do this as a small group a few years back and it genuinely helped me learn a lot about creating music with computers. We did things like:

Writing a loop without listening to it once
Making a track with nothing but a kick drum
Creating a sample pack of drums using nothing but FM synthesis
Writing your name in the MIDI editor then trying to make it sound good
Creating as much of a tune as you can in only 10 minutes

Things like that... so, if this sounds like your cup of tea, and you have some time, come and get involved.

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Week 1 Subimissions 3 years 14 hours ago #23935

  • m:cake
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#1 :D

intressting challange, perfect for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee before opening other projects ^^
btw. min turned out to become some sort of "industrial" background drone pad.. oO
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Week 1 Subimissions 2 years 11 months ago #23944

This was pretty fun,
I didn't like how the sound turned out at the end too much.
But how it sounded previously sounded nice, cant wait for the next challenge, I can see these practices getting me out of my current bubble and chain of thought
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Week 1 Subimissions 2 years 11 months ago #23945

  • GiftGiver
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I feel like my sound came out a little whack... but I liked how this exercise kept me moving. I wasn't too worried because I knew it was for fun, and I kind of ended up liking the thing I made "just as a back beat" and will probably work on that part more at least.
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Week 1 Subimissions 2 years 11 months ago #23968

  • Arctiberus
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It was gonna be cool, and then all the distortion and delays came in (I also can barely use beat repeat).
I'd describe my sound as a sort of distant airplane mixed with a poorly made talking bass vocoder.
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