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Why all my music is free Featured

I treat music as a form of communication that completely overpowers that of any other kind of human interaction, and here’s how I have come to that conclusion.

The appreciation of music (or any art) is a human trait that still has a lot to be discovered, and I can see a lot of producers/artists learning more and more about why we have this appreciation, and leaving the old way of producing music for the popular market, or tying to get that "big hit" behind.

Creating music that moves people is a form of communication that is so special and needs to be explored in depth as soon as possible. I treat my kind of music and knowledge as something that should be available to anyone at anytime, not just those people who have the money or the technical ability to steal it. I constantly evolve and better my sound (and promotion) due to all the feedback I get (including yours).

Our perception of the outside world is completely restricted to what our senses are capable of picking up, and for this spiel I am going to use sound as an example. Forgive me if I explain this out too much, I’m not trying to sound patronizing, I just want to make sure you know exactly where I am coming from as it’s a touchy area.

Our audio sense can pick up a certain band of frequencies (very small on the scale of things, which could very well be infinite) … for instance let's take the sound of a baby you know (or are the parent of) laughing. The baby is in a positive state. It has all the resources it needs in order for its mind to conclude that it is happy, and that physically displaying this state for others to observe is required.

The baby's brain uses energy to expel a force of air from the lungs, which passes through the voice box and facial cavities to produce a tone, which is constantly being manipulated as the brain keeps track of everything and decides how the sound should be shaped next . The combination of all these mechanisms result in a particular waveform or vibration leaving the baby’s mouth and disturbing the air particles that lay outside.

The particles vibrate until they reach your ear where it converts to energy, then this energy is fired down the cochlear nerve into the cerebral cortex, which then sets of a chain of amazing reactions, ultimately resulting in your brain coming to the conclusion that this particular set of information your sense is receiving means that an organism you care about (or have a genetic attachment to) is in one of the best possible physical and mental states that nature currently allows (hopefully) putting a big smile on your dial as well (which the baby most likely sees and learns from, but that's getting onto another topic all together) . This is a very strong and clear communication link between the baby, who hasn’t even learnt a single world yet, and the person at the other end. I think that link is something that should remain as sterile and pure as possible.

This is the same sort of mindset I have when I am creating my music. I have an idea/feeling/emotion in my head that I want to communicate, but have absolutely no possible way to do so with conventional language. I sit there for countless hours crafting a particular sound using the knowledge of synthesis and mathematics I have learnt over the years, to hit that particular spot in my head that triggers something. It may be something simple like anger, or love, or lust… but often it is something that I have no idea how to explain and have never felt before.

I believe these strange feelings and trance like states we can get into with music, are tapping into emotions and feelings which were necessary when our bodies were evolving, so they became hardwired into our genes, but as soon as that first human recognized its mate as being another self thinking human, information started to share, consciousness became collective, sparking up a new way of life, evolving culturally to what it is today. This drastically eradicated the need for many of these states/emotions/feelings that were necessary in our race for survival (apologies if you are a creationist, actually – no I’m not).

I'm just at the very tip of the iceberg here, and I'm not nearly as qualified in psychology/philosophy/science as I would like to be, but isn't it so blatantly obvious that associating this kind of creative process, and direct communication between cognitive human minds, with the dollar symbol……marketing…..hierarchical institutions…royalties etc, is going to distort this link? We're talking direct manipulation of someone's state of mind here… people don't put up their cheater detection/bullshit filtering systems up when they let music into their head… they open up with complete trust in whoever is providing them with the information, but when the drivers of this start getting the power rush of money (combined with other benefits of being a popular artist) it starts going in strange directions, and the punters follow.

I know this is just a form of evolving, and who I am I to say what direction it should go in, evolution doesn’t necessarily mean it has to go in a positive direction (Again defined by us!?), but I know what direction I would like to see happen.

If the process of funding music and artists was swapped around from listen > pay > enjoy > get hooked to listen > enjoy > get hooked > pay, I think this would be a huge step forward with a little amount of effort, and I this is what I am trying to achieve. Yes of course I will gain some promotion from trying to instigate something like this, but overall I think if everyone laid their cards down on the table, all knowledge and music was open there would be huge gaps opening up in the technological advancement of music, increasing the demand for developers, thinkers and new interesting tools.

So, this is why I don’t sell my music. There is the odd occasion where I will sell USB keys, DVDs or CDs, but the profit of these just covers production/shipping/time involved costs and is for people who are technically challenged and just want a physical product, you will always be able to fund my creations (and how I made them) available for free directly from the source.

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