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Ableton Sound Design - 10 Instrument Racks, 10 Videos Featured

I have created 10 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, each one a different complex sound. Each rack uses a combination of Operator, Analogue and Sampler, plus various Ableton Native effects.

As I made each sound, I documented the process with a Video, giving a running commentary throughout, explaining the design from scratch.

Each of the 10 have been given human names, because I suck at naming things, especially presets.

They are quite CPU intensive, but that’s how I like it.

Pro Members can download each of the videos from the links below, plus an Ableton Live .ALS file with all the racks, combined into a quick tune.

Here are the 10 different sounds.

  • Barry - A punch saw bassline with a long tail
  • Beatrice - Big lush atmospheric pad good for chords
  • Bert - A wobbley bassline
  • Claire - A white noise snare with a punch
  • Dick the Kick - Stock standard electronic kick
  • Jason - Another bass with wobbley overtones
  • Kevin - A big epic trance style lead, good for chord stabs
  • Keith - Saw FM bass sweep with lots of reverb and a long tail
  • Patrick - Hihats
  • Skye - Strange soundscape, using my cat as the main guts

Pro Members can download the entire series in the Pro Members Download Archives

You can preview each sound by watching the video below.

Enjoy! :)


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