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A Follow Action is a small set of instructions which can be applied to an Audio or MIDI loop, telling it what to do once it has finished playing.

When I first began teaching, I was very surprised at how many of my students didn’t have a grasp of Follow Actions and how powerful the function is to free up valuable time while you go off and be creative somewhere else.

To me, this has been one of the most useful functions of Ableton, and I use it throughout my live performances.


Lets say you are playing a tune from the beginning, and there are 128 bars until the first breakdown. Over those 128 bars you have 8 x 16 bar percussion loops that play one after the other, each adding in more elements, getting busier, until the breakdown where they stop and no clips are being played.

You could manually trigger each loop one after the other, just as the last one is finishing, but this is not that much fun and is just a process needed to keep the tune moving along. The solution to this is to assign Follow Actions to these clips, so that when clip #1 comes to an end, clip #2 automatically kicks in (and so on and so on).

To set Follow Actions to all these clips, simply select all the clips (clicking the top clip, holding down the shift key, and clicking the bottom clip), then opening the Launch options box, down the bottom right (if it is not already open, click the small circle button with an L).

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