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Dear users, I have decided to phase out the posting on the forums on this website and move any discussions over to this private facebook group or join the Discord for realtime chat. I will not make the forums offline as there is a wealth of content, but posting has now been disabled. Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years, and I'll see you over on the Facebook group or Discord! -Tom

Max For Live Toolkit - Dual Toggle

This patch allows you to map two parameters to a toggle button and specify what percentage of the maximum and minimum values are depending on whether the toggle button is OFF or ON, 12 times.

  1. Click on the first Map button for one of the instances, and then click on the first parameter you wish to modify.
  2. Drag or type into the number boxes (0-100) what values you want that parameter to be on both the off and on states.
  3. Repeat for the second mapping.
  4. Click (or map) the toggle box to switch between those states.

Triggering with MIDI

When dropped on a MIDI track, this patch will recieve MIDI note data and turn off and on the toggles depending on whether a note is being played or not.

The notes need to start from C-2 and go up from there... so

C-2 toggles 1
C#-2 toggles 2
D-2 toggles 3

and so on

This allows you to create midiclips with 'presets' that quickly turn the toggles off and on.




Max for Live Tool Kit - Toggle Router

My latest patch is called Toggle Router

This device switches the output of a track between two other tracks. 

  1. Set "off" track to the first option
  2. Set "on" to the second option
  3. Click "list" next to one of the twelve drop down menus
  4. Choose the track you want to route from the drop down menu
  5. Toggle the track off and on with the button



Max for Live Tool Kit - Sample Layer

I've just made available my first Max for Live patch called Samply Layer - a simple tool that lets you layer up samples with some variables. I plan on putting out lots of these in the next few months! Download is now in the Pro Members area.



My First Max For Live Device - Convert Video to Sound

My first major Max for Live patch. It takes RGB signals from any video and outputs the results, letting you tweak them before assigning their levels to Ableton Live Parameters and even triggering clips!

This is a work in progress and I will update it as I make more.


Advanced Dub Delay Using Max for Live Explanation


Sequencing Dummy Clips using Max for Live and Ableton Push


Lazy Saturday Afternoon Push Jam

Just having a bit of fun! Nothing serious - take it or leave it :)

Creating an Advanced Dub Delay using Ableton Live 9, Max for Live and a Push

Full tutorial coming up next Thursday!

Upcoming eBook - How to Write Electronic Music


Soon I will be releasing my next eBook full of information aimed towards people who are interested in getting into writing and performing electronic music. I'm now taking interest from people who would choose to pay (it will be free for those who don't)  on how much they would be willing to spend.

Please visit here to both name your price and be one of the first to know when it is officially released.

Here's the write up!

After the success of his first free eBook, 10 Ways to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing, Ableton Certified Trainer and self taught electronic musician Tom Cosm brings together the vast collection of information he has learnt over his career, creating a comprehensive yet straight to the point guide for those who have made the decision to jump head first into the world of composing and performing music with computers.

Starting from absolute scractch, Tom gives a run down of everything you need to know if you want to get up and running in the shortest amount of time. Hardware, software, samplers, synthesizers - all the normal stuff is covered, however what separates this holy grail from the rest is the up to date tips, tricks and guides on how to master the less obvious skills often needed to turn it from a hobby into your dream job.

  • What do you want to achieve?
    • Types of producer
      • Producer Only
      • Producer/DJ
      • Producer/Live Act
      • Producer for Media
      • Producer for Art
      • Post Production
      • Production for Free Drugs and Chicks
  • Hardware
    • What computer should I use?
      • PC
      • MAC
      • Others (iPad etc)
    • Soundcards
    • External Controllers
    • External Synthesizers
    • External Effects
    • External Samplers
  • Elements of a track
    • Timing
    • Structure
    • Layers
    • Synthesis
      • Subtractive Synthesis
      • Additive Synthesis
      • FM Syntheses
      • Other types of Synthesis
    • Sampling
    • Progression
    • Effects
    • Mixing/Mastering
  • Software
    • DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)
    • Audio Editors
    • Other Audio Tools
    • Statistics on what everyone else is using
  • Learning
    • Online Resources
    • Online Communities
    • Professional Courses
    • Offline Resources
  • Promoting Yourself
    • Free online services
    • Your own website
    • Email lists
    • Radio play
    • Other proven methods of promotion
    • Coming up with your own niche
  • Performing
    • Approaching Promoters
    • Costs and Fees
    • Contracts
    • Following up after gigs
  • Releasing Music
    • The Free Approach
    • Signing to a Label
    • Online Distributors
    • Other Niche Methods
  • Turning into a Business
    • Pros and Cons of being legit
    • Securing your business name
    • Tax and Expenses
  • Health and Safety
  • + Heaps more!

Express your interest now and be notified when it is complete.



Ableton Live 9 - The New Features and How to Use Them Creatively

Here's a video I made covering the new features of Ableton Live 9 (beta) - enjoy! Many more to come.



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