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Pro Toolkit Archive

Pro Toolkit Files

8 Button Slider 2.1

Updated on 22 September 2015

  • Let’s you map to any parameter, which splits the min/max up with 8 separate buttons (8 absolute parameters). Great for just using the computer keyboard as virtual faders/sliders. Click on Map, set the min and max values, then hit the colorful buttons.

BPMz 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Set of tools that allow you to double, halve or decrease/ increase the BPM at an increment you specify. Self explanatory!

Color From Track 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • This single button module will recolor all the Clips the same as the Track color in Session view, for every Track.

Countdown Timer 1.0

Updated on 22 April 2015

  • Countdown Timer - Set a time, hit go and the device will start counting down, playing an alert sound when it reaches 0

Dual Toggle 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • With Dual Toggle, you can map two parameters to a single button, giving a low and high value for each parameter. When you hit the toggle button, the two parameters will jump back and forth between the two values.

Locator Trigger 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Scans and populates the fields with your Arrangement Locators. You can then trigger them, or move through them how you like.

Logarithmic Dial 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Let’s you drag a big curve slider to create one big curve. Map it to any parameter, change the curve value then move the “Input” dial.

Master Chain Select 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Select Let’s you quickly jump between Chains in a Rack, great for A/B/C/D/Eing different mastering configurations

Master HD Record 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Continuously saves a .wav to your hard drive with a live feed of what’s playing out the master. It overwrites itself over and over at a time you specify. Super handy for live jamming in case you do something amazing but didn’t record it.

Metronope 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Let’s you specify a bar number for when the Metronome gets turned off. Pick the right time signature, change the “Metron Stops @“ Value, then turn it on.

Multi Parameter Curves 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Let’s you draw your own envelopes for how a Dial controls a parameter (up to 5 times)

Multi Waveform Display 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Let’s you view two waveforms playing in Session view at once (made with DJs in mind).

Multistage Knob 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Let’s you assign a single Dial to 5 different parameters, giving the master Dial “zones” so you can do a sweep with one Dial, yet sweep 5 at once.

Pro Toolkit 0.1.1

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • The latest version of the Pro Tool Kit collection of Max for Live utilities.

Producer Chatline 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • This logs you into an IRC server/ chat room where you are instantly connected with anyone else who has the device open.

Pseudo-Scratch 0.9

Updated on 28 May 2015

  • Project containing the Max for Live devices "Pseudo-Scratch"

Quantize Automation 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • This will allow you to record quantized automation segments, rather than smooth curves, like you were drawing points using the Draw tool.

Save Reminder 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Regularly plays a sound out the master after however long you specify (to help to remind you to save!). Set how often you want to be reminded, load a sample from your computer, then turn it on.

Solo Automator 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Allows you to choose a single Track, then use automation for the Solo (not currently something you can do). Select the Track for which you want Solo Automation, then automate the “Solo Off” button.

Timed Tempo Jumps 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Allows you to enter 8 seperate BPMs. When you click "Go!" the project will move to that BPM over a time period you can specify.

Up At The Downs 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • When you move the master Dial up, one parameter moves up, when you move it down, another moves down. Map both sides to two different parameters, then move the “Up At The Downs” Dial.

Work Timer 2.0

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • This keeps track of how much time you’ve spent on the current project, for both your current session and overall time.

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