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Dear users, I have decided to phase out the posting on the forums on this website and move any discussions over to this private facebook group or join the Discord for realtime chat. I will not make the forums offline as there is a wealth of content, but posting has now been disabled. Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years, and I'll see you over on the Facebook group or Discord! -Tom

Tom Cosm

Tom Cosm

My first major Max for Live patch. It takes RGB signals from any video and outputs the results, letting you tweak them before assigning their levels to Ableton Live Parameters and even triggering clips!

This is a work in progress and I will update it as I make more.


Just having a bit of fun! Nothing serious - take it or leave it :)
Full tutorial coming up next Thursday!


Soon I will be releasing my next eBook full of information aimed towards people who are interested in getting into writing and performing electronic music. I'm now taking interest from people who would choose to pay (it will be free for those who don't)  on how much they would be willing to spend.

Please visit here to both name your price and be one of the first to know when it is officially released.

Here's the write up!

After the success of his first free eBook, 10 Ways to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing, Ableton Certified Trainer and self taught electronic musician Tom Cosm brings together the vast collection of information he has learnt over his career, creating a comprehensive yet straight to the point guide for those who have made the decision to jump head first into the world of composing and performing music with computers.

Starting from absolute scractch, Tom gives a run down of everything you need to know if you want to get up and running in the shortest amount of time. Hardware, software, samplers, synthesizers - all the normal stuff is covered, however what separates this holy grail from the rest is the up to date tips, tricks and guides on how to master the less obvious skills often needed to turn it from a hobby into your dream job.

  • What do you want to achieve?
    • Types of producer
      • Producer Only
      • Producer/DJ
      • Producer/Live Act
      • Producer for Media
      • Producer for Art
      • Post Production
      • Production for Free Drugs and Chicks
  • Hardware
    • What computer should I use?
      • PC
      • MAC
      • Others (iPad etc)
    • Soundcards
    • External Controllers
    • External Synthesizers
    • External Effects
    • External Samplers
  • Elements of a track
    • Timing
    • Structure
    • Layers
    • Synthesis
      • Subtractive Synthesis
      • Additive Synthesis
      • FM Syntheses
      • Other types of Synthesis
    • Sampling
    • Progression
    • Effects
    • Mixing/Mastering
  • Software
    • DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)
    • Audio Editors
    • Other Audio Tools
    • Statistics on what everyone else is using
  • Learning
    • Online Resources
    • Online Communities
    • Professional Courses
    • Offline Resources
  • Promoting Yourself
    • Free online services
    • Your own website
    • Email lists
    • Radio play
    • Other proven methods of promotion
    • Coming up with your own niche
  • Performing
    • Approaching Promoters
    • Costs and Fees
    • Contracts
    • Following up after gigs
  • Releasing Music
    • The Free Approach
    • Signing to a Label
    • Online Distributors
    • Other Niche Methods
  • Turning into a Business
    • Pros and Cons of being legit
    • Securing your business name
    • Tax and Expenses
  • Health and Safety
  • + Heaps more!

Express your interest now and be notified when it is complete.


tom_ebonyAs much as I love making tutorial videos and Ableton Live projects for free, there is some content that I reserve for special premium members. These are people who want to take their musical production seriously and jump right into highly descriptive and straight to the point HD content.

Once you become a pro member, your account is enabled automatically and instantly, giving you access in less than a minute from making the decision. Once you log in, you can go straight ahead and start downloading your selection from every single video and project I have ever created. There is no restrictions.

You'll also get instant access to a Pro Forums, which is where more advanced users, including myself. discuss ideas and answer questions.

Below I've compiled a list of the current content in the Pro Member download archive so you can have a look and see if it's to your liking.

The Megaset 2.0

This is by far the most comprehensive, in depth and professional Ableton Live Template I've ever created. It comes with an arsenal of fresh content and new creative ideas, including:

  • A whopping 14 Gigabytes of original audio loops and samples, all chopped up and warped, ready to play.

  • Complex Racks for creating new content and mangling up sounds.

  • Custom Max for Live patches to speed up various tasks, giving you more time to be creative.

  • 31 page manual covering everything from the basics of Live, to chopping up your own tracks ready to jam.

  • Launchpad support with Max for Live patches that totally rewire the way they work.

The thing I am the most excited about however, is my new technique of routing audio through a gauntlet of Audio Tracks with Dummy Clips, with the added ability to sequence Dummy Clips (128 of them over 16 Dummy Tracks) using a simple MIDI clip.

I created a device called Dr. Dummy that listens to the MIDI notes you feed it, turning them into Clip Slot triggering messages. This means you can create your own preset sequences of Dummy Clips, or record on the fly using your favorite external controller (or just the computer keyboard.)

I've performed several live sets using this technique already, and each time it blows me away how easy, fun and simple it is to come up with something totally new each time. It's really changed the way I approach live performance, especially when working with pre-rendered audio samples (however you can send synths as well and get the same result).

Check out a video run through of all the features.

What to know more about the Megaset 2.0? Click here to view the full manual.

The Bullshit Free Dubstep and Glitch Hop Powercourse

20 HD Tutorial Videos / 1 Entire Project File

The course was made for the bass junkies, showing how to create a dubstep/glitch tune from scracth. We start off with programing a beat, then move onto the main course of synthesizing 16 chunky basslines. I worked hard on the quality of the bass sounds, as a lot of tutorials out there don't end up having a powerful end result - so I wanted to make sure that not only did people learn a shit-load, but the actual sound at the end was up to a professional standard.

The 16 Bassline presets are

  • Dr. Wub - Most tutorials aim for this type of wobbley sound but don't often hit it, so I've made my version showing how to get the maximum wub in the simplest way
  • Chiponk - Like the Dr. but with more of a sharp stab to it, this guy hits hard and fast, yet dissapears quickly in style. This is made for lots of fast little notes rather than a long wobble.
  • FUCKING AWESOME - Think of a space robot trapped inside a cage getting poked with hot spikes by sexy alien chicks.
  • Freak - If Tesla was a super hero this would be the sound his sheild powering down would make
  • Harm - We start exploring the world of harmonics and overtones, the foundation of pretty much everything you hear.
  • Simple - Harm's bigger brother, we look at how raising the level of harmonics can beef up the fundemental bassnote.
  • Dippy - The sound someone makes when they pull off a perfect cannon ball dive into a pool, followed by the worlds largest zipper being undone.
  • Velocirator - The velocity doesn't have to change the volume of a sound, we assign it to heaps of shit and see how we can make this beast scream!
  • Robopoke - Similar to FUCKING AWESOME but with a much more advanced way of synthesizing the grit and controling the vowel sweeps. Weeaaawwooouuuwwoowowowowaaargh etc.
  • Tramp - Exploring the realm of making a sound come from different directions, we creat a heavy, clunky kick in the nuts that jumps around from all directions
  • Sore - A very rich sharp sound with the emphasis on the stuff higher up the frequency range rather than down the bottom - think of an old wooden door creaking.
  • Greg - Greg's alright. He sounds like a piece of paper being shaken around furiously, under water (if that's possible)
  • Wubble - This one's also about the wub, but with more of a focus on changing the wub speed very fast, and distorting it juuuuuuuust riiiiiight
  • Dickhead - A totally different approach here - we record our voice trying to sing a dubstep bassline, then use a vocoder to actually make us sound super cool.
  • Carnie - Another silly one - This one is about silly fast wobbles at humorous intervals, more of a compliment to bring out the best in the dirtier, darker basslines.
  • Fazed - Hold your hand up out flat in front of you, staring at your open palm, then blow towards it (trust me) while bringing your open palm towards your mouth. Hear that? We do that, but with bass.

I've made a short video here showing you what the end result is, as well as a tutorial on one of the basslines so you can get an idea.

An Introduction to Digital Audio Production

The biggest and most important tutorial series I have created. It's a 10 hour long collection of videos that explain how to write a tune using Ableton Live from absolute scratch (you also get the Ableton Live file with the series, so you can open it up and see exactly how it was made).

The set has only Ableton Live native instruments and effects (no VSTs) so anyone with a copy of Ableton can follow this easily. All samples are also included in the live pack.

Topics covered in the video include

  • Creating your own sounds from scratch using Synthesizers
  • Making drum loops using the piano roll and samples
  • Using EQing, Sidechain Compression and other effects to fatten up your sound
  • Making your tune flow and progress steadily
  • + many more of my own production hints and tips explained in massive depth

When I create my tutorial videos, I like to talk as if you were right next to me. I speak all my thought processes and explain what I am doing clearly. It's all very friendly, unlike some tutorials that give you a feeling like your being talked down to.

I also do my teaching as a secondary job, with my primary job being an actual producer and performer. I am not some geek who has decided to try and make some cash by talking technical jargon about software, I actually move around the globe doing this for a living.

Here is part 1 of this series, so you can get an idea of how I have decided to approach making these videos. This is the ENTIRE part 1, so it is an hour long.

I've put a lot of energy into making this series the quickest and easiest ways to get prodcuers putting those ideas that they have into practice.

Ableton Live Sound Design - The Family

I have created 10 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, each one a different complex sound. Each rack uses a combination of Operator, Analogue and Sampler, plus various Ableton Native effects.

As I made each sound, I documented the process with a video, giving a running commentary throughout, explaining the design from scratch.

Each of the 10 have been given human names, because I suck at naming things, especially presets.

Here are the 10 Videos, pro members can click the links to download.

  • Barry - A punch saw bassline with a long tail
  • Beatrice - Big lush atmospheric pad good for chords
  • Bert - A wobbley bassline
  • Claire - A white noise snare with a punch
  • Dick the Kick - Stock standard electronic kick
  • Jason - Another bass with wobbley overtones
  • Kevin - A big epic trance style lead, good for chord stabs
  • Keith - Saw FM bass sweep with lots of reverb and a long tail
  • Patrick - Hihats
  • Skye - Strange soundscape, using my cat as the main guts

You can preview each sound by watching the video below.


+ Heaps More!

I've got bassline tutorials, progression tutorials, build up tutorials, glitch tutorials - you name it, it's all in there.

I've even uploaded entire project files of completed songs so you can download, remix, mess with, destroy! Here's a preview of just one


This archive is my lifes work, explained and in detail. I am constantly adding to it whenever I come up with something new, or a new version of Ableton Live comes out.





Here's a video I made covering the new features of Ableton Live 9 (beta) - enjoy! Many more to come.

Why not!? I'm going to release all my album tunes as Ableton Live project files.. the whole tune, just download, open and do what you like with it.

At this stage it's just for Pro Members. Enjoy!

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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